Mice, slugs and spiders.


Here is a time-lapse film that we made about a year ago just before the My Naturewatch camera was first released. The team had all been testing the cameras at home and we were conducting several overnight tests with the infrared camera.

I discovered that I had foxes, badgers and mice mooching around my garden at night. So I decided to do some tests with different lighting stages to better frame wildlife and capture more cinematic images (see the earlier how-to post on this here). With this experiment I built a container about the size of a shoebox, fitted overhead infrared lamps and cut out a couple of mouse-sized holes. The My Naturewatch camera was inserted into the end of the box and a tube was added in the middle which was filled with grain.

One of the great advantages of building a set that has a plain background is that the camera can be set to maximum sensitivity, guaranteeing capture of every moment with zero false positives. The above movie was created with iMovie from the series of still images captured over one night. As well as the mice, check out the high-speed slug and spider action!