Before building your camera please read and agree to our guide for good practice.

  • Do not disturb nests, setts or any other animal homes.
  • Keep noise and disturbances to a minimum.
  • Do not disturb or destroy plants, eggs, animals or geological features.
  • Check on your kit periodically for any defects.
  • Take any litter home.
  • Consider your own personal safety when placing the camera. Do not do anything you don’t feel comfortable and safe doing. Work with a buddy to help each other out, if you like. Working at height and / or over water is discouraged.
  • Consider other people’s privacy when placing the camera. Connect to the My Naturewatch camera to see what it sees and appropriately frame the image.
  • Consider where’s best to place the My Naturewatch camera. We advise deploying these camera kits on your own property, such as your garden or land that is owned or managed by you. Make sure to secure the My Naturewatch Camera appropriately to prevent tipping or falling.
  • This is a DIY camera, not a commercial product. We have done our best to make the instructions easy to follow, but there are some fiddly steps and it may take some experimentation and tinkering to make things work.