Super Simple BottleCam

With our DIY camera casings we put a lot of thought into creating designs that are highly performative yet easy to make. To ensure they are properly waterproof, animal proof and generally fit for the great outdoors they often involve getting your hands on a drill or a glue gun, and acquiring a few parts from a few places.

It occurred to us that there might be a companion case that used even fewer components and processes. Introducing the BottleCam to our community of users offers a solution that requires virtually no tools what-so-ever. If you have an empty bottle (tick) some scissors (tick) some tape (tick) and a pen (tick) you can make one right now.

The BottleCam unfortunately won’t last long on a rainy day but offers a quick and ultra simple entry level case to get you started with the simplest of ingredients.

  1. You will need a working Daylight Camera, a plastic bottle, a pen, electrical tape and a pair of scissors.

  2. Firstly mark and cut the bottle into three, with a slimmer middle section and equal sized top and base sections.

  3. Mark and cut a seam 3/4 of the way down the base section and all the way through the middle section.

  4. Mark and cut 10mm wide gaps half way into the bottom and top sections. On the bottom section this gap should be on the opposite side from the seam cut in step 3.

  5. Coil and tape the middle section into a cylinder.

  6. Tape this cylinder onto the top section, aligning it to the gap cut in step 4.

  7. Tape the Camera and Battery into the base section making sure the Camera lense points through the 10mm gap.

  8. Close the top section over the bottom section making sure the cylindrical lense cover aligns with the camera lense.

  9. You now have a working BottleCam. Enjoy!