Frequently Asked Questions


My Naturewatch Camera doesn’t seem to be working?
There are many reasons why the My Naturewatch Camera may not be working, but most can be attributed to a misstep when following the instructions. It is always best to retrace your steps and also remember that like any computer, the My Naturewatch Camera does take some time to start up. Try switching it on and off again, and if it still doesn’t work then visit the Forum for solutions to many technical issues.

What power brick is recommended to run the Raspberry Pi Zero W?
If you want to test the My Naturewatch Camera using a mains power supply or don’t want to use a USB powerbank / battery then be sure to use a power brick with a suitable power output. An official Raspberry Pi power supply output is 5V and 2.5A. Further information can be found here.

How do I access the interface for the My Naturwatch Camera and how to I see the images it records?
The My Naturwatch Camera software is accessed via a web interface, meaning the you access through wifi using most smartphones, tablets, laptop or desktop computers. Please follow the steps on the Using Your Camera pages for full instructions

Where can I buy the parts to make a My Naturewatch Camera?
We have provided links to a few retailers to help get people started, but we recommend shopping around to find the best price for parts. Note that the Raspberry Pi Zero W usually retails for less than £10 — you may have to scroll down and deselect accessories that are bundled together to ensure that you only buy the Raspberry Pi Zero W. In general, you don’t need to buy any of the kits or accessories that are available on some sites, just the parts from the instructions for making list.

Which versions of Raspberry Pi can I use with the My Naturewatch Software?
The My Naturewatch Software will run on a Raspberry PI Zero W or Model 3.

Which camera modules are compatible with the My Naturewatch Software?
All Raspberry Pi modules are compatible with the My Naturewatch Software but we recommend using the Standard Camera Module to start with.

Is My Naturewatch a retailer?
No. My Naturewatch is academic project aiming engage people with nature and technology, we provide information to help source parts to build the My Naturewatch Camera but we do not benefit from this commercially.

How do I get the software on the SD card?
Follow steps 1 - 5 on the instructions for making.  This is necessary even if your SD card appears to be preloaded with software, as it will not be the software needed for the My Naturewatch Camera.

I’m having problems unzipping (uncompressing) the My Naturewatch software file.
With so many computer systems out there, it is possible that some configurations will have issues unzipping the My Naturewatch software file. If you have problems, we recommend using alternative unzipping software or a different computer.

My Android device tells me the WiFi network has no Internet. 
Usually this is not a problem for using the camera.  However if the camera website will not load, turn off ‘mobile data’ on your device and try again.

I’m having WiFi connection issues. 
- Some PCs have problems formatting the configuration file if you try to rename the My Naturewatch Camera.  You’ll know if you open the file and it appears as a continuous line of text, unlike the screenshot in step 11 of the building instructions.  In this case, do not modify the configuration file but use the default settings.  If this doesn’t work, try reflashing the SD card and using the camera without using or modifying the configuration file.

Can I just unplug the My Naturewatch Camera to turn it off, or do I need to shut it down first?
You do not need to shut down the My Naturewatch Camera to switch it off, unplugging the power lead is just fine.

How can I get involved with the source code of the camera software?
The source code for the My Naturewatch Software is available on GitHub here and here, we welcome contributions.