Takeaway Cam

The key to the enjoyment of the MyNatuewatch Camera is its simple versatility. It can be used to film a huge vartiey of animals, in a multitude of situations, contained in all sorts of housings. Here we’ve been further exploring the potential to turn household recycling into a casing design based around the ubiquitous Takeaway carton. Following these simple steps will enable you to build your own...

  1. You will need a working Daylight Camera, a takeaway carton, a plastic bottle lid, a drill, a glue gun and last but not least a pen.

  2. Position your Camera Lense under the takeaway carton lid and mark a position for for a hole to be drilled.

  3. Drill a 10mm hole where marked and also through the centre of the bottle top lid. The plastic can crack easily so a tip for achieving a well drill holed is to start with a small 2mm diameter bit and gradually work up to the 10mm.

  4. Secure the bottle top lid to the takeaway carton lid with hot glue, making sure the two holes align.

  5. Tape the Daylight Camera onto the underside of the takeaway lid positioning the lense to match up with drilled hole.

  6. Close the lid and screw on the bottle top as a protective lense cover.

  7. You now have a working Takeaway Cam - enjoy using it to discover more about the animals in your area.