Bird Bath


You will need

  • myNaturewatch Standard Camera
  •  a shallow, watertight bowl of some kind
    (upturned dustbin lid, a large circular plant tray)
  • Some stones or gravel
  • Bricks to raise the bowl up if it doesn't have a plinth
  • Rainwater or tapwater


  1. Fill the base of shallow waterproof Container with Gravel. A bowl, dustbin lid or tray is ideal.
  2. Elevate your birdbath on a few bricks, so as to protect it from cats and squirrels.
  3. Fill it with Rainwater or Tap Water and position a few rocks to emerge above the water-line.  
  4. Positioning your mycamera is open to interpretation - it works well in an overhead position, facing the pond or even in the pond. Be imaginative.

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