Basin Pond


You will need

  • myNaturewatch Standard Camera
  • normal sized washing up bowl or big bucket
  • washed gravel to cover the bottom of the bowl a few inches depth
  • 2 or 3 suitable aquatic plants
  • Enough rainwater to fill the bowl
  • Old bricks or logs to surround the bowl

  1. Find a shady spot in your Garden to create your Pond

  2. Line the base of a waterproof Basin or Tub with washed pebbles or sand.

  3. Create platforms and shelter within the empty pond by arranging upturned pots and rocks.

  4. Add in a few aquatic plants

  5. Fill your Pond with rainwater

  6. Build steps to your pond by placing rocks and logs around it.

  7. Construct a Camera mount close to the pond using using garden canes or timber and cable ties. The positioning of the camera is open to interpretation - it works well in an overhead position, facing the pond or even in the pond. Be imaginative! 

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